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You can read the full annual report of Nasaem Radio 2021 through this link:

Ten Years Had Passed On Our broadcast of the first radio episode on Nasaem radio

Through that period, we have had a lot of financial and moral burdens such as stopping of our support sources, but we decided to go on


– The continuation of the media is one of the most important democracy pillars for the future of Syria.

– Significant funds has been disbursed, professional and important trainings too, to reach the position we are in now.

"independent Syrian media"

Unfortunately, to reach this position we have lost many lives as well, so how can we ignore all these efforts and loses.
We can not continue without proper support that’s true .. our options are limited too.

We had two choices; either rely on a bad economic society that has not been recovered from the war nor of the Corona residues.

or acceptance the agenda of countries and alliances, which is against our professional way.

The independent Syrian media is the only way to mitigate hate speech.

The independent Syrian media is the one who will help the Syrians to adapt to the countries of asylum, to convey their voices to decision-making centers and to solve the problems they face.

.We are the ones who will help build peace, and protect the Syrian identi

The following is our annual report of 2021, which we would like to share with those interested:

At Nasaem Radio, we have a daily morning magazine and a human rights program that discusses topics related to human rights, especially women in particular.

Our goal in the program is to work on solving problems, not just raising them.
And we achieved reaching rates on social media (for these episodes only, for example) exceeded 4 and a half million.


We will show some of them:

Nasaem 2021

The directorates of education in Turkey issued firing 12000 Syrian teachers who teach in Turkish Public Schools


We discussed this problem on multiple episodes talking about humanity cases for female Syrian teachers talking about their life difficulties.

We took the chance to contact the officials, while the teacher appealed to the Turkish Ministry of Education to look back into the decision during the episode named “Discussing the situation of Syrian teachers in Turkey after the termination of their contracts with UNICEF”,

After the episode, a body representing Syrian teachers was formed and visited the office of the Turkish Ministry of Education in the capital, Ankara. The ministry listened to the demands of the teachers which made them select 3000 Syrian teachers to come back into teaching, while the rest of the teachers will be coming back gradually because it is linked to the return of funding again by UNICEF



in total of all the episodes we reached a 277680 of views and 544201of reaching rate


Among the most significant episodes covered in this file

A compilation of the episodes

Radio Naseem presents a proposal to employ Syrian psychological specialists in migrant health centers to solve the translation problem



During Covid-19 pandemic, many sectors of life were affected, which in turn reflected on people’s life and their access to services became difficult. At Nasaem radio, we tried to pour most of our attention to the psychological aspect of women in Turkey, and because we believe that access to mental health care is a basic right that must be provided to every individual, therefore we focused on:


the mental health services in Turkey, and the social awareness of mental health

Through live testimonies and a questionnaire that we conductewe noticed that there are several obstacles that Syrians face such as

lack of Arabic-speaking specialists in refugees health centers,and the significant unaware of mental health in community

We went directly to Dr. Muhammad Jaran, head of the Association of Health Workers in Health Centers for Foreigners, and we conveyed to him the problem during a radio interview. We submitted a proposal to hire Syrian specialists and psychiatrists in immigrant centers. Dr.Jaran was excited to the idea which pushed us to contact a number of Syrian specialists in order to prepare a formal proposal and send it to the Turkish Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization in order to study it

We also communicated with Dr. Fatima Orjal, a family doctor and a member of the Central Committee of the Health Authority for Syrian Refugees, and she joined us in several coverages regarding this topic.

Training activities provided in this project: Women’s health training, psychosocial support seminars, access to health services seminar, domestic violence and women’s rights seminar, privacy education for children

The number of views in this series reached 160400 and the reaching rate was 400487

Nasaem radio, in cooperation with the “Counselor” Center, provides awareness sessions for more than 440 pregnant women.

At Nasaem radio, we launched an awareness campaign about after birth depression, entitled “Motherhood Without Problems” campaign.

We talked about the responsibilities of refugee health centers in taking care of women’s psychological health, especially pregnant women.

After that we did the opinion surveys, which included a question; “what do you know about after birth depression?” turns out that the awareness related to it is very weak, thus we cooperated with the Counselor center for Psychological health in Istanbul city, the supervising psychiatrist provided free awareness sessions about after birth depression on “Zoom” application for 3 days, the sessions were attended by up to 90 pregnant and new mothers.

In addition, as a continuation of this campaign, over two days, we produced sessions entitled “Mood swings in pregnant women”, hosted by Dr. Da’wa Al-Ahdab, where we contacted some women’s organizations, and women’s bodies that expressed their cooperation and willingness to publish the invitation on their own platforms to attract as much as women all over the Turkish states

Regarding the number of attendees, there were 60 women in the first session and 50 women in the second one

In the same context, we discussed several axes in a series of episodes related to motherhood, which are; psychological stress and its effects on abortion, the suffer of the Syrian woman and increasing the psychological stress on her in the asylum countries, the relationship between early marriage and abortion. In addition, we have involved many activists, human rights defenders and doctors to talk about health services for women as a human right and not a charity

the viewing rate during this series reaches 199459, while the reaching rate was 322134 

Painful human cases see the light after sharing their stories on Nasaem Radio


We have singled out three consecutive episodes for painful human cases who are affected by rare and difficult diseases, including kids who need cure outside of Turkey.

We have hosted the families of the children and the cases, and we were surprised by the number of the calls we got telling us their humanitarian stories that needed assistance from the organizations.

Most of these cases don’t  know the mechanism of amending some papers which are requested by the organizations, such as the medical reports that proves the condition of the disease.


That’s why we communicated with these cases online in order to connect them with humanitarian organizations.

As a result, services and assistance were provided, and 14 cases of people with special needs were linked to the relevant organizations.



We reached 146145 of viewing rate and 243954 of reaching rate


Doctors’ challenges in the time of the epidemic, with the media pressure to amend their university degrees in order to continue their work


We have met some Syrian doctors in Turkey to talk about their personal experiences, the challenges they face in the time of Covid-19 in Turkey and what are most of their problems that hinder the practice of their work. We had also shed light the facilities and advantages provided by the Turkish state to Syrian doctors in the most prominent specialties, including: general and emergency surgery, gynecology,  Pediatrics, dentistry, psychiatry and pharmacy.




The number of views in this series reached 49,620 while the rate of reaching reached 68,054

The increase in domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic and the issuance of an emergency guide to help batterd women


By using a study conducted by the Journalists for Human Rights organization, and on-air testimonies of women subjected to domestic violence in light of Covid-19 pandemic in Syria and Turkey; We dealt with the negative effects accompanying Covid-19, including the increase in cases of domestic violence


We hosted number of organizations to shed light on programs and projects that protect women from violence, and how these programs reach survivors during Covid-19, including the role of human rights clinics in helping and protecting battered women in Turkey through following up on cases and appointing a lawyer for free, in addition to securing shelters and electronic services that reduced violence crimes, such as “KADES” application which allows women to request emergency assistance for any  accident regards to violence or harassment in Turkey, we explained the mechanism of this app and how

to use it to Syrian women in multiple episodes

In the meantime, we collected all emergency and hot numbers for all organizations in Turkey and Syria, and the success story of this series was the issuance of a manual of numbers, protection details and advice that helps Syrian women take appropriate action in the event of violence in cooperation with several civil society organizations in both Syria and Turkey





The number of views in this series has reached 167,980 and the reaching rate reached 258577


The most common gynecological diseases and girls’ awareness of their dangers


In a couple of episodes we decided to talk about some gynecological diseases, their risks, the most prominent reasons of getting infected and the role of customs and traditions in preventing unmarried girls from going to gynecological clinics. Is it possible for an unmarried girl to get gynecological infections


We also focused on the importance of periodic examinations to detect breast and cervical cancer, and how self-examination is carried out. Is there a relationship between genetics and cancer


In every episode we involved a number of specialists, doctors and organizations, and we opened the door to communications, public opinions, and women’s experiences on air

  The number of views in this series reached 314922 and the reaching rate was 570301


Covid-19’s impact on Syrian society and the increase in the number of people heading to mental health centers after media coverage

About the tangible psychological impact of women who suffered from covid-19 directly, they spoke to Nasaem radio in a special episode, also we talked about mental health services that are presented from concerned organizations for women who were infected with Covid-19 such as the mental health centers of “AWESOME” organization in Turkey. In addition, we discussed the most important work challenges for them


On the other hand, we shed light on the life after Covid-19 by presenting a series of episodes that address several questions to the public and psychological specialists, the goal was to connect the public in organizations that provide mental health services, and after each  episode we prepare reports and see the noticeable increase in the number of visitors to the centers.


The viewer rate in this series reached 103312 and the reaching rate of 377777

The problems of pregnant women and mothers during Covid-19 pandemic and seeking to solve and discuss them with those who are concerned

We have produced materials related to the problems of the inability of pregnant women infected with Covid-19 to follow up on the status of their pregnancy in hospitals during the period of infection or because of quarantine at home and how the migrant health centers and Syrian clinics helped provide free services for pregnant women in Turkey. We talked about the treatment of some countries with pregnant women infected with Covid-19

These materials included opinion surveys about possible solutions in case of a pregnant woman being infected with Covid-19, and how seriousness the psychological state effects the pregnant woman who got infected with Covid-19, through on air testimonies of pregnant women who spoke about their experience of being infected with Covid-19 virus




The viewer number in this series reached 58970 and the reaching rate reached 124107


International Women’s Day and honoring Syrian women in Nasaem Studio

On Women’s Day, we celebrated International Women’s Day by highlighting the projects that support Syrian women in Turkey.  How did Syrian women succeed in leadership roles in countries of asylum and the role of the media in highlighting the role of women in leadership positions by hosting a number of prominent and successful women and women’s organizations, and giving them the chance to talk about the most important projects, future plans and the challenges that accompanied them





The number of views in this series reached 49,243 and the reaching rate was 98,644


Women’s problems in accessing health services and how Radio Nasaem sought to solve them with the concerned authorities

We also discussed the problems that accompany women when they obtain health service through on air testimonies, such as the difficulty of transportation, which led us to reach a number of organizations and address the difficulty of transportation for patients to physical therapy centers especially elderly women

The other problem was the mother’s suffering from the long distance to the health center from her place of residence in order to vaccinate her child

One of the problems that we helped to slove was the suffering of sick girls with “youth diabetes” in light of Covid-19 pandemic and the centers that provide special services to them




 The number of views in this series reached 137,207, and the reaching rate was 245531


People with special needs suffering, and linking many humanitarian cases to the concerned organizations


We dealt with the centers that provide prosthetic limbs for amputees in Turkey (AWESOME, the International Pity Heart Association) and we hosted a number of families of children with special needs who spoke to us on air, like Adnan who has seven children, four of them are deaf. Adnan’s family suffers from a lack of assistance, such as hearing devices.

In fact, the office of people with special needs of the Syrian-Turkish Women Forum was contacted and hosted by us and we explained Adnan’s suffering.

They contacted Adnan’s family to help him and our role here is to follow the story to reach solutions





 The number of views in this series reached 160,572 and the reaching rate was 190,113


Evaluating the performance of the work of health organizations and what the public thinks about the evaluation of aid


In each episode, we rely on the public’s opinions and assessments in obtaining health services in order to fill the gaps. Here are some examples:

Do you know what health services are provided to Syrians for free in Turkey?  Share one with us

 Were your experiences of obtaining health services in Turkey good or bad

 Are there obstacles preventing you from obtaining health services in Turkey


The number of views in this series reached 183411 and the reaching rate was 290520


Promoting health services of organizations and announcing the opening of new centers after the urgent need


In order to improve access to health services, we have been following the work of medical organizations and centers in Turkey in order to advertise and promote access to the services such as:

Announcing the opening of the new SAMS Physical Therapy Center in response to health needs in the state of Gaziantep and the SAMS Psychotherapy Center in Kilis and the new services it provides to women affected by Covid-19

Syrian women gather to form a forum that provides free health services to women in Turkey, the Forum of Syrian-Turkish Women in Hatay

We had previously coordinated with the regional director of ASAM Organization, “The Solidarity Association for Asylum and Migration Seekers”, and we talked in several episodes about its services to Syrians in Turkey, we noticed an increase in number of visitors to the organization after the coverage, as after each episode we monitor the turnout of Syrians to these centers

We also headed to civil society organizations and coordinated with them  to discuss their prominent role in introducing and raising awareness of health services in Turkey and the most important obstacles

The number of views in one episode reached 64,000, and the reaching rate was 135,670

 While the number of views in this series reached 236,597 and the reaching rate was 394,754

Covid-19 vaccine and refute the rumors 


After the announcement of Covid-19 vaccine by the World Health Organization, people did not accept the vaccine because of the rumors that spread about it in every country, here in Turkey many rumors were spread by people about the vaccine too

Therefore, we adopted a plan in order to refute these rumors. In each episode, we dealt with these rumors, and hosted doctors specialized in vaccine field, and we refuted these rumors logically, scientifically and medically, by

recording an opinion polls on the street about Covid-19 rumors, and conducting a questionnaire consisting of 25 questions about the vaccine and the most important rumors spread, more than 1000 people joined it

We produced a series of episodes to discuss polls and questionnaires with doctors and specialists, our goal was to convince the people and educate them about the vaccine, and to discredit those rumors that prevent them from receiving the vaccine

The number of views in one episode reached 61,000, and the number of reaching was 192528


The number of views in this series reached 277,679 and the number of arrivals was 542,154

Cases of children dropping out of schools and contacting concerned organizations to implement special projects to solve the dropouts problem


Many Syrian children suffer from being deprived of education in schools because of the identity card issues and the reasons are (they are not accepted in schools because they hold a temporary protection card issued by other than their current place of residence or do not have ID card at all because they entered Turkey illegally)

Which took us to search for emergency solutions for dropout students, such as vocational schools and their advantages for students of different age groups. We talked about them in an episode with Professor Sadeq Yildirim, a researcher and social activist. Mr. Muhammad Al-Shamali, a board member of the Syrian community in Gaziantep, was hosted, who talked about the opening of a new educational center by the community  Syrian students in Gaziantep and Education Without Borders / Medad. Syrian students aged between seven and fourteen years will be accepted to strengthen students and rehabilitation of dropouts to return to schools


Cases of bullying in schools and starting a large campaign to finish it

We faced a big problem in schools, which is the increasing cases of bullying among Syrian students, which have increased in frequency recently. Cases of physical assault were recorded in some schools in Istanbul, which necessitated the production of a series of episodes to monitor the cases and type of bullying that Syrian students are facing in Turkish schools.  We have shown a study done by the Syrian Dialogue Center that includes percentages and numbers of Syrian students who have faced bullying, and important statistics that we discussed in our episode

We headed to the parties that adopt issues and problems related to the Syrians, such as the Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee, which in turn expressed a desire to address bullying through a campaign that in order to address bullying by providing parents and schools with advice and plans to solve bullying problems under the supervision of psychologists. A full episode was produced to talk about the importance of the campaign and the possibility of its implementation as soon as possible


The views number during this series reached 89627 while the reaching rate reached 168587

Increasing university fees for Syrian students and heading to donors in order to increase scholarships for students


With the beginning of the year, Turkish universities have recently treated Syrian students as foreigners, who are required to pay large fees compared to refugees, as Syrian students used to pay only simple fees. This decision pushed some students to end their education in universities and lose their future

We at Nasaem radio produced an episode simulating the concerns of the Syrian students, and we hosted a number of students in order to submit the appeal. We also hosted some officials from student affairs and a number of organizations that offer scholarships, where the focus was on how to reduce or cancel university fees and increase scholarships that cover the costs and expenses of studying



The number of views in this series reached 15800 and the reaching rate reached 29,072



After about a month, the Dutch (SPARK) organization which is one of the largest organizations that provide scholarships and other activities and events to Syrian students responded to our appeal. As a result, we hosted them in our studio with one of the students who benefited from their scholarship. During the episode we discussed the educational services and nature of the grants they provide, we also discussed with them the measures they took after increasing the university fees for Syrian students.

A campaign to introduce centers of early detection of breast cancer services


 We discussed in a series of episodes the problems that hinder women from early detection of breast cancer, and we talked a lot about the centers that provide early detection of breast cancer services in Turkey, as well as the possibility of providing free treatment for breast cancer patients in Turkey  

We stood with women who defeated breast cancer and concluded the coverage with a discussion about the mechanism of cooperation between organizations to coordinate the breast cancer awareness campaign, in addition we mentioned the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on breast cancer patients


 The number of views in this series reached 87,501 and the reaching rate was 126038

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